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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey Ann Romney...What's a "real marriage"?

Oh my blogger, pals, I know you saw this post coming...

The Huffpost Gay Voices has her speech in video as well as text.

"What Mitt Romney and I have is a real marriage."

Is that a jab at the LGBT community?  Is that a jab at the same sex marriage movement?

Bring it on beyotch!

So you you think just because you're heterosexual you have a "real marriage"?  All gays and lesbians who are married have a "real marriage".  And even the ones who aren't married, but are in committed relationships would easily mirror a "real marriage".  As gays and lesbian couples, we love each other, support each other, care for each other in good times and bad, we bring children into our lives and nurture them and love them.  We too have values...values that are centered on "family, faith and love of one's fellow man" AND woman.  We are not valueless creatures.  In fact all of us, whether we have a piece of paper that says we're married or not, have values, care about what's going on in the world and want better lives for our children.  We go to work, or one of us stays home with the children.  We take them to school or daycare.  We have dinner together as often as we can.  We juggle our kids after school activities.  We struggle to make ends meet in a tough economy.  We celebrate love and togetherness. 

"Tonight I want to talk to you about love."  We too have deep and abiding love and the love "so deep only a Mother could fathom it".  And that love is for children we did not necessarily create.  We adopt, we foster, we use fertility clinics.  We find a way to complete our families that you would never comprehend.  The things we go through to become a family and live our lives every day as a family is both difficult and amazing.

I had coffee with a friend of mine yesterday.  Yes, a fellow lesbian.  And we talked about Mrs. Romney's speech.  We were both offended.  The things that just the two of us have gone through in our separate lives about relationships with women.  Our long term relationships mirror "real marriage".  Each of us has taken on the role of spouse in those relationships and created families, even if hers were fur families (families with no children, but with pets).  One thing we pondered was, what if only people following the "Christian way" could vote?  That would mean the following of us could not vote:
Those of us in gay and lesbian relationships.  (Ok, many of us would argue this one to the death about what the bible says about gays and lesbians, but for the sake of argument, lets include this one and move on.)
Those of us who have had premarital sex.
Those of us who have had children out of wedlock.
Those of us who "live in sin".  Meaning living together and not married.
Those of us who have had abortions.
Those of us who have had an affair.
Those of us (oh and this one makes me go eww!) those of us who swallow semen instead of using it for procreation.
Those of us who use contraceptives. 
How many people could actually vote?

None of us are perfect, none of us are "perfect Christians" or have "storybook marriages".  I'm willing to bet at some time in the future we will find out how really "un-perfect" the Romney's lives are.  Remember John Edwards anyone?

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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Lesbian's Review of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" by E.L.James

A friend of mine posted a question on Facebook, "Have any lesbians read Fifty Shades of Grey and what did you think?"  That got me to thinking.  Hmm...with all the articles I've read about the dramatic increase in sex toy sales, and people referring to it as "Mommy Porn", maybe there is something a lesbian could learn from the book.  It was only $9.99 for my Kindle, so I figured what the heck, let's see what all the fuss is.
 Fifty Shades of Grey
It was an easy quick read.  I can't say that I really learned all that much, other than a kind of sadistic side of BDSM.  That turned me off.  Also, all the descriptions of Christian Grey's "member".  As a lesbian, that icked me out, but then, I'm not really the intended audience for these books.  I learned more than I really ever cared to learn about Doms and Subs.

The book starts out as every virgin's wet dream.  Millionaire, handsome, Adonis-like man, with a perfect body who is into BDSM, decides he is willing to initiate this virgin in the ways of vanilla sex, and then move on to the stuff he really gets into.  Christian Grey is the millionaire, Anastasia Steele is the virgin.

There is no limit to the excesses of riches he bestows upon her.  A Mac Book, an Audi, a Blackberry, a closet full of expensive clothes, first class upgrades when she flies to see her Mom, helicopter rides, etc.  Anastasia worries that she looks like or feels like a ho, with all these expensive gifts.

The ending, which I won't spoil for you, was kind of anti-climactic, and pretty much sets the stage for the 2nd book, and so on.  Will I read the 2nd book?  At this point, I'd say probably not.  Not unless someone can convince me that it's worthwhile, in terms of what I was looking for in the book...learning some new tips and tricks.  Yes, it was hetero sex people, but 1/2 of that hetero couple is a woman, and a lesbian could glean a few good ideas...were there to really be any in the first book.

So, have you read the first book?  Second book?  Third book?  What did you think?

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