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Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday the 13th

Didn’t see any black cats today. (Bubba doesn’t count, she’s black and white). Didn’t pass any ladders to walk under.

Today we had a stellar list of gotchas and obstacles.
1. A certain utility sent a letter warning we defaulted on our payment plan (when they keep changing the due date every month and it is no longer on or after we get income, that will happen, especially when the quarterly trash bill is due. Next day the new bill comes, Thursday we were sent a disconnect notice with a very high amount to pay, higher than the payment plan and higher than the figure on the letter. I had just thought I had juggled enough to pay the amount on the letter, then they want me to pay $80 more for no apparent reason other than they want to f with me.
2. My daughter had a doctor appointment with her PCP that turned into a 6 hour tour, including a trip to the hospital for barium contrast CT scans of her abdomen. 
3. While waiting for my daughter to drink 2 bottles of swill for the test, my spouse calls to say she is stranded with the Pilot 3 cities over. All the electric works but it won’t turn over. (Probably the starter solenoid.) I don’t have AAA, or any other Auto Club, and due to that utility bill I have a rule of spending zero dollars until the 1st, unless it’s for that utility bill. Think. THINK! The Buick has roadside assistance, but that’s only for the Buick because it’s part of the warranty/extended warranty. Wait! When I called my car insurance agent to add the Buick I removed roadside assistance from my auto policy for the Buick. Bingo! I have roadside assistance on the Pilot through my auto policy. I call my agent to double check, then call the 800# and I order a tow. A FREE tow!
4. I’m at the hospital with the kids, waiting for my daughter’s tests, then another hour for test results. 
5. The tow was supposed to get to the Pilot in an hour, it was 2 hours.
6. My daughter’s PCP who ordered the CT scans called with the results. My daughter took the call first and her eyes were glazed over, I could tell that she didn’t understand. She passes the phone to me and he gives me the results. Her right ovary is inflamed, the cyst has increased in size and somewhere there is bleeding. Could be hemorrhoids.
7. I’m thinking a special place in Hell should be reserved for every staff member responsible for my daughter not getting her hormone pills as prescribed, messing up her cycle, causing the gynecologist surgeon to have to stop hormone therapy to let her body gets back to its usual cycle. Those hormones had shrunk the cyst. HAD SHRUNK THE CYST! Without hormones for 2 months (and several months of improperly distributing her hormone meds) her cyst increased in size and caused her ovary to be inflamed. 
8. On Monday we have to go to the inner city to see the gynecologist surgeon. From what the PCP said, it doesn’t look good. I’m hoping I’m wrong. I really don’t want my daughter to have to have surgery to remove the cyst and probably the inflamed ovary. In general I don’t want her to have surgery. My daughter is not at a stage in her life that she wants children, and that’s understandable considering she is likely still a teen psychologically, due to her illness. If she wants kids in the future, mid-late 30’s it could be more difficult to conceive with only 1 ovary. She doesn’t need extra things to ruminate on. I think having children isn’t on her radar now and I think she may not get the correlation between her possible surgery and conceiving in the future.
9.  I meet the tow truck at our mechanic and pick up my spouse. We told him no rush. So it looks like we’ll be getting the Pilot fixed for our anniversary! Yay! 😕
10.  Anastasia took the kids for dinner and video games, but with all that happened we had no energy to cook for a “date”. Hello leftovers! I’m hoping my spouse gets home soon. Anastasia has a habit of chatting and chatting. But we do want to hear how she’s doing. She was in the hospital last week. Colon issues again. Hernia. The surgeon popped it back in (seriously), so we’ll see how it goes.
12. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday and Friday the 13th is done! 
Can I get a hallelujah? 

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Found this in an old wallet:

‘Nuf said.

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