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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

For sale signs

Drummer Boy /Metallica Head’s run down inhabitable house is for sale. Whoever buys it will need to demolish it and build new. Yes, it’s that bad. Hoping that Camelot Homes snaps it up and builds new. They’ve done 2 houses on a empty land corner. One of them is complete, the other nearing completion. All brick homes. They recently demolished a condemned house 2 blocks down and have begun building a new house. So it’s not far fetched that Camelot Homes would buy Drummer Boy /Metallica Head’s place.

The frat boys who have been re-habbing the House next door (the old man’s house) finished last week. I could tell because they painted the front door red and spent a couple hours taking photos of the property. A For Sale sign went up the next day. We will miss the frat boys. They were pretty quiet for frat boys, still had parties, but never loud. They were always polite.

It will be a long time before we have a new neighbor across the street, but next door should be fairly quick. I hope they are friendly and not haters. Maybe I should put out the Pride Flag. Maybe weed out the haters and attract LGBT people or supporters. Just thought of that now. I’ll have to talk with my wife. LGBT or not, we’d love to have REAL neighbors. The kind I had growing up that actually talked to their neighbors, socialized, helped each other out. Do those kind of neighbors even exist anymore?

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