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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Day 62 of Sheltering In

Friday. Did a little grocery shopping, dropped off paperwork to extend her LOA, porch dropped a box of groceries. 

Yesterday my brother in law told me he wanted to replace my front deck. Materials, his labor. I was on my way out when he said this, so I didn’t have a chance to find out more. I asked my wife about it. She hadn’t heard him talk about it and told me he’s never built a deck before. Fabulous! I could instruct him, like I did when I had him install some upper kitchen cabinets. I could also send him some YouTube videos. If you don’t know how to do something, Google it or do a search on YouTube. That’s how I learned how to do all the repair, remodeling I’ve done. Can’t do it anymore. 😢

Still no word on in-law who had the coronavirus test.

Doing anything for Memorial Day? We’re going to watch NASCAR on Sunday. 

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Day 61 of Sheltering In

Thursday. Feels like Friday. 

We did go to the laundromat today. I couldn’t do anything but test the dryer loads for doneness. My back pain was terrible. I had to have my son load and unload the machines. He wasn’t thrilled that I had him do all that and disinfect our laundry baskets after loading the washers, (we didn’t use the wheeled baskets to move to the dryer, we used our laundry baskets), then disinfecting the bottoms of the hampers before putting them in the Buick. He figured out how to get it done on his own. Lift hamper, tilt into cargo area, wipe bottom of hamper, put upright and put in place. Afterwards, we hit the BK drive thru and I sprung for a chicken sandwich and a shake (I never order a shake.) 

After that we took a ride to my daughter’s group home to have her measure her face for custom masks. Staff let me measure her. (I had a mask on and Nytrile
gloves.) I did it quickly. No porch drop. Possibly tomorrow because I have to have her fill out leave extension paperwork for her part time job. I was really hoping to chill at home Friday, ice and medicate and not aggravate my back, but the paperwork needs to be handled. She wants me to pick her up takeout. We’ll see when I end up over there. I want to hit every Dollar Tree on the way and get a bunch of craft supplies for the ladies. They haven’t really been having craft time like they did at day program before the lockdown. I can’t really afford much, but it’s Dollar Tree, so my money will go further.

No word on in-law who had the coronavirus test. 

My brother in law was over to mow the lawn and he stayed for dinner. We are his weekly break from living with their dad and his 2nd wife.

I had to stop at Walmart to pick up ingredients for dinner. While there I checked out the fabric/craft area. Still decimated. I wanted to purchase thread because most I have are 20-30+ years old. I really don’t want the thread constantly breaking. All I wanted was white. The entire thread display was empty! 

Ok, show of hands, who’s on their way to bat crap crazy? Who is bat crap crazy? 🙋🏻 Who is beyond bat crap crazy?

Watching “Sweet Magnolias”. Can I say...this is like a low rent “Gilmore Girls”? More adult bizness, not as much teen bizness. I think the same people did the background music. Lol! I find it slow moving and boring. I’m running out of stuff to stream. Because I don’t watch horror or period shows/movies, it hard to find something I haven’t seen.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Day 60 of Sheltering In

Wednesday. An in-law has been told not to report to work because of answering their list of Coronavirus questions in a way that is cause for concern. In other words has symptoms. The in-law contacted health insurer and then went to a testing site to be tested.

That has me asking myself, is my throat sore? And all the other questions. I checked my temperature 3 times yesterday. Once so far today. It’s been fine. 

Today I stayed home. Laundry is still calling, but not feeling well, maybe tomorrow? Took the antibiotic my doctor prescribed on an empty stomach. The bottle said empty or after eating, either were ok. I must have a delicate system because my stomach hurt all afternoon. I’m going to take it after I eat going forward. I’ve never been on this antibiotic before, I hope it works in 1 round. (Historically it has taken several rounds of different antibiotics to get rid of my sinus infections.)

I got my face mask fabric unpackaged and put in a mesh bag with the dirty laundry. I’ve got about 14 fat quarters. I say “about” because I was interrupted twice and wasn’t going to pull them out of the mesh bag and start over. So it looks like I can get 4-6 (front or back pieces) from 1 fat quarter. If I combine that with scrap fabric I have, that will be a good number of masks. All fabric is 100% cotton and was hard to get. I ordered coffee ties (tin-ties) (they attach to the coffee bag, you roll it down and bend around the sides to close a bag of coffee.) We don’t buy coffee like that, so no bags to steal from. The ties are cut in 1/2 and make 2 nose pieces. Not happy they won’t be delivered until next week. The masks I got from a Facebook sewing group used twist ties, so after you wash the mask a few times the paper comes off and the wire starts to poke out. I have a scratch from the top of my nose to the tip and my son scratched his cheek. I think both happened while we were taking off our masks. The cat masks I bought don’t have a nose piece to pinch to get a good seal on your face so we’ve been wearing them upside down. (No, I didn’t buy masks for my cats! The fabrics are cute cat patterns.) As soon as I get the tin-ties I’m using a seam ripper to open the seams on the tops of all the masks that are already made, taking the wires out of the ones that have them, and putting in 1/2 of a tin-tie and sewing it in place with a fabric scrap and top stitching the masks closed. It will be a PITA, but it’s necessary. I also have to remove the ties and either do earpieces, or elastic or T-shirt strip over the head. I bought some hair bands (not Motley Crew) and sewed buttons on them so the earpieces don’t rest behind the ears and cause irritation. Who knew a simple face mask could get so complicated?

I asked my daughter if she had access to a tape measure. Nope. So I will have to porch drop one and show her on my model (my son) how to take the measurements. The measurements are needed to custom make masks for her to wear when she returns to work. I don’t have a lot of time to do this if the governor doesn’t extend the lockdown for group homes. I’m really praying he at least extends it for group homes and congregate living places. I can’t imagine that they have cleaned and set up the day programs to insure social distancing. I know if it’s not extended she will need us to provide transportation. I don’t see them being proactive and arranging this. At my house we will continue to shelter in, except if transportation is needed. Because of the way her leave of absence is worded we have to know tomorrow, get documentation, and fill out a LOA extension, if it’s extended. If it’s not, my daughter needs to notify her work to start scheduling her 05/30. 

NASCAR was supposed to start today and I got my son interested in watching (it’s part of my evil plot to find something for him to bond with my wife, my daughter watches WWE with my wife when she’s on home visits). 🌧 delay! They were drying the track with some blowers, but it was a slow process, so we had to watch old NASCAR clips. How fun! Not! After 45 minutes my wife told me to turn something else on cuz it started to 🌧 more.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Day 59 of Sheltering In

Tuesday. Dr appointment day with my PCP. It was follow up on all my various health issues. I also had questions because of my insurance change.

The appointment was a Zoom appointment. I have a sinus infection. I get at least one a year. I know the drill, press under and above your eyes, pain?  Then it’s a sinus infection. I’m also, I have a stuffy nose, and stuff draining down the back of my throat. He asked me the coronavirus symptom questions at least 3 times each. Difficulty breathing? No. Headaches? Always. Change in taste or smell? No. Sore throat? No. Sneezing? No. Muscle aches? No. Chills? No. Are you running a temperature? No. I check at least once a day. (For realz!) My doctor said if I get any of those symptoms to call him immediately and he’ll send me to get tested. I’m guessing to an area hospital, as we don’t have any drive up testing at pharmacies that I know of. 

I really don’t think this is the virus. (I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on tv.) My ears hurt. That is often part of a sinus infection for me. Of course now that my own doctor asked 3 times if I had any of those symptoms, I’m concerned. I wouldn’t say I’m freaking out...yet. I’ll probably take my temperature a dozen times tonight.

Tomorrow the plan is a trip to the laundromat. I really don’t want to go. It just skeeves me out thinking about going. Only 10% chance of rain...can’t use that as an excuse. 🙋🏻I have a sinus infection. 🙋🏻My back hurts. Ok, I have Wednesday covered. 🤭

I think I’m going to look up drive-up testing in my area after I check my temperature again. Yes...for realz.

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