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Thursday, March 7, 2019

The burbs are so different.

When I lived in Chicago I went for over a year without a working vehicle. It was easy. Public transportation and cabs were literally 30 feet from my door. 

There was a Osco Pharmacy that was my neighbor across the street, and a Dominick’s Foods in the next block. If I needed a few groceries I just crossed my street and Osco’s parking lot. When the kids got older they went to pick up a gallon of milk for me.

I walked less than 1/2 a block to catch the Lincoln Ave bus going N/S, or the Foster bus E/W. The Foster bus was a short ride to the CTA El to go downtown. It was convenient because I worked at 900 North Michigan at the time.

I managed grocery shopping with a flimsy cart. I’d stop on my way home at the bodega for produce and then catch the bus home. Occasionally I took the bus West on Foster to the Jewel. I did my holiday shopping at Dominick’s. Trying to manage the cart fully loaded, carrying a turkey with one arm, pushing the cart with the other, and keeping 2 kids wrangled was some feat.

I missed driving during that time, but I could get around very easily. When I didn’t have the kids on the weekend I’d take the bus to the bar and a cab home. It was only a $7 cab ride with tip back then and definitely worth the money to not have to stand on the street corner waiting for a bus after midnight.

I am in the burbs now. There is no public transportation. No buses whatsoever. Yes, we have a Metra station less than 2 miles from my home, but I couldn’t walk that far if I needed to take the Metra.

I feel trapped like a rat in a cage. But it’s only til noon tomorrow. Thank you Enterprise for weekend rates! I rented an Intermediate size car. I think that will be the same size as the Nissan Sentra I had for 2 days courtesy of the body shop. (Btw, my tailgate is finally fixed and useable...well once the other repairs are done. It will be so nice to use it again and not hear all the latch assembly parts rattling around between the inside and outside panels of the tailgate. I had to duct tape the latch assembly opening shut to keep from losing parts. I brought my Pilot back 5 times complaining about the rattling. Funny how when you call up the big guns they finally listen.) Secretly hoping I get upgraded to a luxury car. That upgrade to a Cadillac in December was sweet! I purposely did my reservation at the small Enterprise by my home so I could easily get a pickup and because their inventory always seems to be heavy on the larger and luxury sedans, and SUV vehicles.

The whole family has plans for the weekend! My daughter wants to take us to breakfast in Kenosha on Saturday and my spouse wants to visit her Dad on Sunday. Being able to go outside the city limits and drive the highways is making all of us crazy for adventure! So adventures we shall have!

When the Pilot is repaired we will plan another adventure.

Movie trivia quote-what movie is this from?
I'm shaking the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I'm gonna see the world.”

Ok, where I live isn’t crummy, it’s quite nice actually. I’d just like to get out for a bit.

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