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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Day 411-416 of Sheltering In-No more waiting

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I picked my daughter up for a home visit on Friday. Saturday was laundry day at my father-in-law’s, but I stayed home. I had my daughter stay home with me. It just would not have been a good thing if my daughter went with. Let’s just leave it at that.

Sunday, Mother’s Day started out sooo not good. Let’s also just leave it at that. It did improve. I took my daughter back Monday before my orthopedic doctor appointment. Talk about a shirt show! There is the game since March of them not calling to confirm my appointment, then canceling it because I didn’t confirm. I didn’t get a call for Monday’s appointment, but I recalled that they had a patient portal, searched my emails, found a link, logged in and confirmed my appointment. I left early as I usually do, got to their office and the parking lot is empty. I call to check in, they moved and didn’t tell me, nor did their portal mention that fact. Drove to the new location, not that far, but that’s not the point. As I waiting over an hour past my appointment to get called into an exam room, I hear every receptionist saying the same thing. ‘Are you at blah blah? Oh we moved, you need to go to…’ What a professional way of running an office! Then the PA tells me I should stop using the knee brace. Umm no! My primary care doctor told me to keep using the brace AND the walker because I lose my balance a lot. I don’t need to damage my knee any more than it is. So basically a wasted appointment.

Tuesday I had a 2 hour and 45 minute physical therapy appointment because I’m going to continue working on my knee, but also return to the work I stopped on my shoulders and back when I got my knee injury. The 45 minute was for an evaluation. My appointments going forward should be around 2 hours.

Wednesday I had to take my son for his bi-annual primary care doctor appointment. My daughter had an appointment this morning and because she coughed, a new overzealous receptionist refused to allow her to see the doctor. We all have the same doctor, so when I went in with my son he asked why my daughter didn’t keep her appointment. I told him what happened and he shot off 2 emails, staff and his office manager. I’ve never seen him angry before. She has severe asthma and a sinus infection and possibly bronchitis or upper respiratory infection, so he really wanted to see her today. Now she can’t get in to see him until next week. I just hope she doesn’t have another emergency room visit before then.

Anastasia thinks she’s losing her job on Friday. My son was supposed to hang with her Friday. I have to break it to him that she can’t keep their plans. I’ll do something with him to make up for it. She also wanted agencies to contact and an attorney’s info, which I gave her. I have a plethora of that kind of information, so it was no big deal to send links and share contacts. Yes, she treats me disrespectfully by avoiding me and contacting my wife when planning hangouts with my son, but, if nothing else, I’m being the better person…as I always am. My life has been a shirt show since the car accident, so any good karma points I can get I will take.

Sunday I was emptying gift bags to reuse and found an Amazon gift card in a bag that had my birthday gift in it. Today I scanned it and found out it was a $50 gift card. Woo hoo! Made my day!

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