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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Day 272 of Sheltering In

Thursday. Before ordering the new gas range I looked up what the problem could be, researched prices. Over $200-? Better off buying new. It came this morning at 10am. My brother-in-law came shortly after the truck left to pick up the old one. We had to go get a new connector, so I picked up a new gas line. Thinking back, I hadn’t replaced it the last 2 used gas ranges I bought, so good idea to buy a new one. Went back to Lowe’s, bought the gas line kit and a can of pipe compound. My wife tried to loosen the old gas line off the gas pipe coming up through the floor but couldn’t do it. My leg has been screaming all day, so no chance of me getting down on the floor to try it. Besides, 2 bad shoulders. I will give it a shot first thing in the morning. If we can’t get it, my wife can call our neighbor. He actually replaced the pipe coming up through the floor when he helped installed the Jenn Air gas range I’m replacing. My brother-in-law is not handy. I had to teach him how to install cabinetry in the dining room, so having him try to loosen a pipe fitting would not be a good idea.

Before our trip to Lowe’s, we stopped at the Jewel to pick up frozen pizzas, thinking we’d try the new oven. That didn’t work out, so we finally got to use the toaster oven I got last year. Fits a 12” pizza perfectly and makes a great pizza. Why haven’t we used it before? Wife preferred the oven. 

My leg is terrible today. I asked my wife where her knee braces were from her TKR’s, but she thinks she tossed them. Our doctor told me to see if she had one of them for me to use, or Ace Bandage. Ace Bandage isn’t working out. I’ve tried. I ordered a knee brace  from Amazon. Should get it Friday or Saturday. I can’t wait to try it.

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Days 263-271 of Sheltering In

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. It has been quite awhile, a lot going on. Lots of appointments and running around.

Wednesday MRI appointment. Had the same tech I had 3 years ago who does not know how to find a vein for an IV so she just tries to jam it in down to China. This time she also exploded the contrast all over my arm, then poured alcohol all over my arm. Nuf said about that part. When I got off the MRI table my left knee went out, causing my leg to buckle. I thought nothing of it until I started having pain. By Sunday night the pain was nearly childbirth level. I called my Insurance’s 24 hour nurse hotline past midnight. She was telling me to go to the ER. The hospital that takes my insurance is gang banger central. The only way you want to go to the hospital after dark is via ambulance. No thank you. Monday I got into my PCP. Posterior Bursitis. Small, probably won’t need it drained. Went home with instructions and 3 rx’s. Monday it was like I had a bad charley horse nonstop. Tuesday I met with the doctor for the MRI. He said tumor is exactly the same size as last time. Great news! After we picked up a CBD lotion. $50 for a pump lotion. I have to say at first I hated it. Smells like Vick’s Vapo Rub. But I put I on before bed, I was able to sleep through the night with my regular meds, and did not have pain in the morning. 

Our gas range oven stopped working Monday. It had progressively lower temperatures. Before my appointment Tuesday I researched online for a new one. As I am doing that a mail message flashes and I thought it said credit limit increase. I went to my emails, yup, got increased. So then I had the ability to actually go buy a stove. Lowe’s is next to our pharmacy, so we stopped. Turned out the 1 stainless steel one was sold, won’t be in stock until February. So I went the cheap route, I bought the white. 🤷🏻‍♀️ What could I do? I couldn’t wait til February. The dishwasher is white, so 2 appliances will match. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s being delivered Thursday. My brother-in-law will take the old one to the scrapyard. (Lowe’s charges to take away your old one.)

Can I please not have to watch the Santa Clause trilogy anymore this week? Add to that Home Alone and Home Alone 2. 🤦🏻

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