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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy thanksgiving 🔥🔥🔥

Happy thanksgiving!

What’s that saying? “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, Robert Burns poem “To A Mouse”.

I had a plan. An excellent plan. I wrote out my menu and researched what I could make in advance. Then made a schedule for Tuesday thru Thursday. Tuesday got whacked because of the plumber. Wednesday got whacked because my daughter’s team lead deliberately took my daughter’s money to her job instead of meeting me as planned. This wasted my entire afternoon because I had to go get it and deposit it into her account. It was stupid to drive all the way home only to have to turn around to go back to pick her up. Then when I got home I hurt so bad I took meds and went to bed.

So Thanksgiving day everything had to be cooked. Several things got cut because it was just too much to do in 1 day. Hence the reason I made a plan to split the prep and cook over 3 days. My son helped a lot. It was really great to see him at the stove sautéing onions and celery. He hasn’t cooked since his illness began. Before his illness he volunteered to cook entire meals all the time. Gourmet meals. They were always good.

It was quite late before we ate. My daughter had to work until 5. My spouse took over stuffing detail after my son did the sautéing and I did the seasoning. My spouse was taking turkey drippings to add to the stuffing. Brand new turkey baster. I was behind when my spouse started using the turkey baster. It exploded at me. Screaming hot turkey drippings. 🔥 Luckily my face and neck were missed. My shoulder, upper arm, wrist, chest, and thigh were hit. I immediately ran to the living room and tore off my jogging pants. (We did not have company, just immediate family. Wouldn’t that have been a sight if we had friends or relatives over?)  I wanted them off because I was afraid the material would melt and because I wanted to get the super hot drippings off my body.  Then I was literally pouring ice water on all the burns. (I am never without a tumbler of ice water.) We have nothing for burns. Tomorrow one of us will have to get aloe vera. I feel like crap right now.

Dinner was delicious. Even the new dish, corn pudding. Not the same corn pudding I had over 35 years ago, but close enough that I can tweak it next time I make it. After dinner it all went to hell in a hand basket over washing the dishes. If I hear “It’s not fair” one more time. Grrrrr.

The small engine repair guy rescheduled for Friday, 1pm. Makes it impossible to fit in the laundromat. Monday I have my MRIs, so I guess Tuesday will be laundry day.

We will probably hit 1 store in the name of Black Friday shopping. Meijer has shoes or boots buy one pair get one pair for $1. They have the sale every couple of months and it’s really the only time to buy shoes or boots. My daughter needs work shoes and my spouse needs boots. I think that will be it...and the aloe vera.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Sump pump is installed! Not a minute too soon. Pouring rain just before he finished. I had my spouse handle the plumber visit. I’m not good at it unless it’s something I know a lot about, I have questions, or I have a good rapport with the worker. I thought it was a guy doing a side job, but it was the actual plumbing company he works for. Big van with the company name plastered all over...I’m sure my neighbor saw it, he was home all day. Thinking back to my previous experience hiring a plumbing company I think I still got a deal, and it was for the price quoted. 

The small engine repair guy is coming this afternoon.

My head is spinning from all the maybe have to do things, not sure if I need to things, have to do things. Can’t even plan my day cuz of all the uncertainty. 

Got my recipes from Pinterest written on recipe cards. Got my list of what/how many of things that must be room temperature. Got my list of milks required. I’m pretty sure a run to the store will be needed. Evaporated Milk, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Evaporated Skim Milk.-???? Why are there so many kinds? Why do I always screw up and need a last minute run to the store? 

Come on S. L. E. E. P. 

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Sunday, November 24, 2019

This and THAT

Bubba is doing great. Eating a can of wet food split into 2 servings, morning and night. And she’s been snacking on the dry food. She jumps on the bed on her own and she’s been putting on weight. Since I’ve mostly been the one to feed her she’s practically attached to my hip. At night she sleeps ON me. My cats don’t even do that! I think my spouse is a little jealous, but Maddux has been hanging out with her, so she’s still getting some kitty love.

Friday my son went over to Anastasia’s house for a movie, while the rest of us went to dinner and picked him up on the way back home. Anastasia wanted to talk about her back issues, basically compare notes, so I hung back and chatted with her. BIG mistake! I am still incredibly angry over 2 things she somehow brought up in conversation. She said, ‘The kids haven’t changed a bit. They are the same as when they first became ill.’ That was like a kick in the gut. It was like she was insinuating it was my fault. They have changed a lot. My daughter is able to work part time, she has a boyfriend. Many people with mental illnesses don’t improve much, and they rarely, if ever return to even close to what they were like before their break. Some are incredibly fortunate and get well enough to stop medications and live close to a normal life. But for her to say was soul crushing. Especially with her follow-up. ‘What if something happens to you, who will take care of the kids?’ Not her business. I changed the subject at that point. I told my spouse that will be the last time I have a one on one conversation with Anastasia. She has never treated me right since we split (which was her doing) and is always putting me down or making fun of me. It’s bad enough I have no friends, then to have someone who was my partner continuing to treat me this way? I don’t need this. She was there 12 years ago when my daughter became ill, she knows exactly how bad it was. Enough is enough.

My biopsy results are in. I don’t know what they are, but I would like to thank the medical website for notifying me I had new test results. Then I log in and see the details of the cyst removal, but no results. So I have to wait until Monday.

I have instituted a no Black Friday ad viewing rule. I’m not looking at any ads, I just don’t want to know unless it’s a major appliance store for a washer and a dryer. And even then I’m still window shopping. I used to line up for the Black Friday sales at Target and hit up Kohl’s and Walmart after. It’s not something I can physically do anymore. I may do some Cyber Monday shopping. I do need to replace a lot of clothes that were ruined in the flood. Lately I’ve gotten good deals at Meijer on clothes, so I can’t think of anything I’d be interested in for Cyber Monday.

So I don’t overwhelm myself for Thanksgiving I made myself a schedule of what to prep and cook starting Tuesday. Mariano’s had Butterball frozen turkey $0.77/lb with $25 purchase. Because they had only small frozen turkeys left they were substituting fresh for the same price. I got there early and shopped while my daughter finished her shift.

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