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Saturday, June 8, 2019



People who haven’t lived it don’t get it. 

People can be so incredibly rude, making faces to indicate their disgust that I dare use a motorized shopping cart at the grocery store. If I don’t use it, I can’t get around past a few feet from the entrance. Same looks for using a handicapped parking space-I have a placard. Before I got it I went shopping alone one day. Parked more than 6 regular spaces down. I had my cane. I was clearly struggling to walk to the entrance. I senior gentleman was passing me in his vehicle. He said to me “you should get one of those and then pointed to a car with a handicapped placard in a handicapped parking space”. It made my day! He acknowledged my struggle and he offered me a solution.

We were invited to the Mokena Pride 12-5 today. Person would not take no for an answer. My spouse had to spell out the reasons why, some of which are:
Where is parking to proximity of the event?
What kind of seating?  Bleachers. Can’t do bleachers, no back support.
Are the grounds free of holes, divots, uneven areas? It’s not? Then no way, My spouse must step on flat/even surfaces to avoid falling or tripping and blowing out her new knees. 
Do they have wheelchairs or scooters for rental? Or free?

That’s not even close to all the issues we would have at such a venue. Person still argued and cajoled and my spouse just found a way to get off the phone. 

People don’t understand that pain is 24/7/365!

Pain is not just in private, like at only at home. 

Pain follows you wherever you go. 

They don’t understand the accommodations we have family make for us at home. 

A friend of ours recently had rotator cuff reversal surgery. She was attacked by a dog at a shelter she was donating supplies to. The dog grabbed hold of her arm with his mouth/teeth and shook her arm violently, like it was shaking a rag doll. Just prior to this she had just finished recovering from rotator cuff surgery on that arm. She has to go to Northwestern to have a specialist orthopedic surgeon re-do her rotator cuff surgery. I can’t even remember all the pain medications she takes daily. It’s a very long list. I think it’s rather shocking that she can take all those medications and still be breathing. 

My spouse is having some serious issues with her new knees (total knee replacement both knees). She has nerve pain. Bad. Her knees have been hyperextending, which sometimes causes her to lose her balance, and definitely causes her a lot of pain.

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