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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday Stealing-Fill it in

Sunday Stealing- Fill it in

1. Right now I'm watching “The Santa Clause 2 with my son.
2. My sense of humor is my well known quirk.
3. Are you ok? Been saying that a lot to my son (24, who has a mental illness) since yesterday when he found out a good friend of his passed away suddenly on Thanksgiving at the age of 23. I met the young man at a local restaurant 2 months ago. Very gregarious, friendly, very happy, maybe a bit manic. It concerns me that I cannot find the cause of death. I have scoured Facebook comments and local papers.

The last time someone I knew or knew of passed away people were very secretive about the cause of death and I later learned it was suicide. I think family need to be upfront and honest about it. How will we erase the stigma? How can we hope to help others in situations they feel they can’t live with? How can we recognize the signs that family members recognize now in hindsight?
UPDATE:  The funeral parlor mentioned to donate to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital in lieu of flowers. That made me think his friend may have had a long illness since his childhood. I was right. My son chatted with a friend who works at the grocery store. He said the cause of death was congestive heart failure and that he had been ill since birth. So sad to hear about a young man, so friendly and happy die so young. So very glad to hear it was not drugs or suicide.
4. Ask first, then get something to eat/drink. Many dinner plans change because “someone” got into leftovers without asking.
5. That's why, because I said so! One of my parent’s favorite responses when asked why.

6. The original “Twilight Zone” 
is one of my favorite tv shows ever!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to more Thanksgiving leftovers, tomorrow my plans include  going for bloodwork, iv, and MRIs, for my 16 month checkup later in the week.
8. If I could go anywhere on a road trip, I'd go to my hometown in Wisconsin and actually be able to hang out with the kids (now adults) I grew up with that still live on my old block. Every time I visit, which is rare, everyone is busy with their own lives.
9. The current state of our country, our world is something I don't understand. How did we go from all getting along fairly well, extending LGBT rights, safe schools, stores, movie theaters, businesses, feeling safe in our own so much hate; wanting to take away LGBT rights; the shootings at schools, and just about anywhere; to the feeling  
of not feeling safe in our own homes, break ins, Kidnappings, car thefts in what used to be good, safe neighborhoods with no crime?
10. Thanksgiving makes me think of family that are in Heaven, the traditions we had, the struggles my parents had when we were kids, that I continue to go through with my kids, plus the struggles I have had through the years and now because of their illnesses. We get through it, but when it’s happening, it can be really steessful and difficult. 
11. Spending quiet times with my family is the best way to relax! Or alone time. Sometimes that can be the best way to relax and decompress.
12. It looks like Autumn has flown by and Winter is here..
13. Raw veggies are my favorite healthy snacks. And Lindt Chili Dark Chocolate. 😉
14. The smell of burning leaves takes me back in time and makes me think of Autumn when I was a kid. The city I live in now still allows leaf burning.
15. When I am feeling lazy I watch tv.
16. When I look to the left, I see my window in the master bedroom.
17. The living room and master bedroom are the room(s) that have the best view in my home.
18. Nothing done well was done dirt cheap!
19. Voting is a responsibility that all qualified citizens must share.
20. If you have any ways to manage stress feel free to share it with me.

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