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Thursday, April 4, 2019


My son and I were picking up a few things at Wally World and decided to stop by the thrift store. Last time I was in I found 1/2 price oak furniture feet, just over $1 each. (Needed them for the tv cabinet.) I looked for Old Navy pants, no luck. Today? BINGO! I scored a pair of Old Navy jeans, one size smaller than the khakis I had just ordered. AND THEY FIT!!! I also found a pair of black jeans. They fit too! Woot woot!

The apartment complex deal was before the village last week. Several residents brought forth objections to a zoning ordinance and insist on a modification before ground can be broken. These residents are afraid the building will go section 8 and we’ll be getting a lot of riff raff in there. Riff raff is basically code for not Caucasian. First of all, the building is for the developmentally disabled and mentally disabled, as well as low income seniors and is run by the same group that runs the group homes. They are not going to rent to anyone outside those 3 groups. They have dozens of empty group homes because of lack of staff, they aren’t renting those to Section 8 program people. I found out about this via an article posted on one of our burb’s Facebook pages. Those pages don’t take long to devolve into character assassinations and other nastiness. People were calling out others for being racist. And then, someone went...THERE. Someone wrote that they don’t want “those kind of people” living near their homes. Another Mom of mentally disabled children and I opened up a can of whoopash. I think the admins shut down comments after that because I got no further notifications on that post.

Why is it necessary for everyone to shop with their phones glued to their ears, wandering the aisles with their carts weaving like a drunk on a highway? Every single person was blocking 2 way traffic or abandoned their carts in the middle of the aisle. I just want to get in and get out. Wtfork?

Why is there always that one jackash that has to either make a comment or do something because the fat lady is using an electric cart? Usually it’s the “get up and walk and leave the electric carts for the disabled or seniors, lose some weight.” Why thank you jackash I wouldn’t have thought of that on my own. First of all I am disabled, second of all, I am a senior and third, I tried twitching my nose to magically lose the weight all at once but it’s just coming off slowly. To the 30 something motherforker who thought it was funny or cool to ram your shopping cart into the electric cart I was sitting in at the checkout lane, fork you! This motherforker did this to me on Monday. I am still having horrible back pain, much more than usual. I edited this Friday morning. It’s still bad. I didn’t really get a look at the guy, but my son said he smirked after he did it and gave a fake apology. It was done on purpose. Karma will take care of him.

So tomorrow begins my daughter’s 3 day birthday celebration. Hasn’t always been that way, but for the last 2 years it has become the norm. 

Oh joy! The texting started at 9am. And she’s been texting her brother all morning. She told me to pick her up at noon. It will be noonish by the time we get there. Sucking it up, putting on my happy face 😃 and getting ready to head out the door. 

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