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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Breakfast out or how to ruin Anastasia's day

Let me first say how few and far between our dining out is. It's very rare. We used to frequent this particular establishment every Saturday morning when both of us were working full time. I miss that. I miss Greek toast. (Where can you buy Greek bread to make your own Greek toast? I've never seen it in any stores.)

Today we made an exception because, it was just us...and the restaurant is right next door to our vet and we had to drop off Maddux for his ringworm dip. By the way, the vet called, his ringworm is clearing up nicely. He does however need to go on a people antibiotic for his upper respiratory infection which seems to have gotten worse. Sadly, he still needs to be on quarantine because of the ringworm.
Back to breakfast...Anastasia has this 'thing' about her coffee. It has to have just the right amount of half and half and Equal. That means the waitress cannot top off her cup after she's had some. That means that the waitress must wait to refill her cup until it is completely empty. It's a running joke any time we go anywhere and she orders coffee and the waitresses refill at the table. Sometimes Anastasia rests her hand over her cup, other times she is totally oblivious to the waitress coming around. Yeah, that's what happened today. I almost did a slow motion "noooooooooooooooooooooooo" but didn't see it coming fast enough. After her coffee got topped off her mood suddenly changed. Darn those super efficient waitresses who start refilling your cup before they ask you. Those waitresses are stealth I tell you!

How do I solve that problem for myself? I ordered a Coke. Lol!

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Jen said...

I should have Anastasia figure out my coffee. I can never get it right. I don't buy half and half anymore because someone kept using it in their cereal and leaving the empty carton in the fridge. Now I use plain old milk, skim milk, which is like adding water to my coffee. I've been drinking a lot of tea lately.

Lin said...

My new very favorite thing to add to my coffee is Silk. LOVE that stuff! It tastes like cream but without all the calories and bad stuff.

Uh, I'd LOVE to have a waitress here to refill my cup every 3 minutes!!

Lola said...

@ Jen - Thank goodness my son only drinks 1/2 and 1/2 in restaurants. He has since he was first able to grab those little cups. He leaves the stuff at home alone.

@ Lin - I used to love soy milk in my coffee until I once went to a coffee shop and ordered my coffee and found out the soy milk was bad. I still can't get that taste out of my mind. I haven't had a coffee with soy milk since. I now usually drink mine black, unless it's super strong.

Linda Medrano said...

I feel exactly like Anastasia. Coffee has to be just right for me. Perfect amount of brown sugar. Perfect amount of half and half and skim milk. I get it just perfect and my husband comes along and ruins it by pouring in more coffee. Damn I hate it when that happens!

Anonymous said...

for me it's cream and 2tsps of sugar. But it's perfect. But sadly my limit is one cup. Anything over top of that and I swear I get light headed.

Suzy said...

I hate when waitrons do that. It's very hard to get the Equal jussssst right.

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