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Monday, February 11, 2019

Good news and bad news...

The good was a fairly good weekend. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it 7.5. My daughter really made an effort. It took a lot of coaching, not gonna lie, it was a bit exhausting.

Coming home from the Jewel I heard a weird metal dragging noise from the rear on my SUV. Got home and had my spouse look under it, because I can’t bend, and had my son take a photo. 

That’s something rusted and broken off the driver’s rear brake. Now we have zero cars in the middle of bum forking Egypt. Might as well be. There is no bus service. It’s only been a couple of hours since this discovery, but I already feel like a rat trapped in a cage.

My daughter has a doctor appointment in Chicago on Monday. That’s not happening. Unless we win the Lucky Day...

My spouse seems to think when this happened to the front driver’s side it cost ONLY $130. That’s great! I paid all the bills, so my bank balances are a joke. And I made the forking car payment on the van that hasn’t moved in 2 years. We have a roof over our heads and utilities, we just can’t leave the house. We have friends telling us to just let the van get repo’d, but I can’t do that. Morally I can’t, and I can’t wreck my credit when it’s been steadily improving.

Now my spouse can’t get to physical therapy this week, or her MRI and mammogram appointments on Thursday. I have doctor appointments and tests all next week too. Gah!

Can we please have 2 months in a row with no bad financial surprises? ...So we can set a little money aside for when things go kaploowie? I would wholeheartedly welcome a good financial surprise!

Last month I looked into donating plasma (the blood kind, not the tv kind, our tv already went kaploowie) but I can’t donate because I use insulin. 

I’m just venting here. If I don’t I’ll explode. 

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