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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

So Saturday I went to a Halloween party of an LGBT social group I belong to. I had to fly solo because my girlfriend came down with a horrible cold.

OMG! I have never been to an adult costume party before. I will definitely be attending in the future. I had sooooo much fun! And the parties from the social group are always must see events, but it always seems like I miss the one where something interesting happens. Well...not this time! More on that in a bit.

I spent several hours and about $12 bucks on part of my costume. The rest of my costume was doctor scrubs way back from when my 17 year old daughter was born. Amazingly enough I still had them! There was supposed to be a costume contest, but they never did name a winner. I think I had a pretty good chance...considering my costume...and that 98% of the other guests were lesbians. Here it is:

This was taken before the party. Yes, my eyes are closed, but I'm not schnockered, the cell phone caught me with my eyes closed. Unfortunately no one has posted any better pics. What an awesome costume to wear to an LGBT party! You would not believe the attention I got. One woman was more than shamelessly flirting. I think I was darn lucky I went solo or there may have been a chick fight. In fact there was almost one anyway. One member of an engaged couple was getting hit on by the same chick that hit on me and her partner was just about ready to take it outside. I have to say, if you a straight single guy or a single lesbian this is the costume to wear.

So did you dress up for Halloween this year? What was your costume?

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Lin said...

You are NUTS!! Very creative, Lola!! Too bad they didn't give out prizes because I'm sure you would have won. :)

Nope. I didn't dress up this year. :( I was just crazy busy and didn't have the energy to be creative.

Suzy said...

Very clever costune. I haven't had a costume since the 6th grade; I'm just not a fan of Halloween.

Jen said...

Wow! I was all ready to make a comment about furries and then when I saw this I lost it. You have a set on you lady, that takes courage.

Staci said...

OMG, that's so funny and so creative! Now did anyone actually place their boobs where directed?

BTW, I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. Congrats!

Not Important said...

Excellent work, ma'am.

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