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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Day 381, 382 of Sheltering In-Waiting

Wednesday, Thursday.
Thursday first:

I heard from the PR person, he sent me a review copy of the book. I started reading it tonight, but have stopped for the night. It’s a bit of an interactive book, asking you to find photos of your beloved pet(s) who died and journal along. My project Friday will be to dig up some photos of my beloved pets who crossed the rainbow bridge.

I can interview Reagan Pasternak via email or phone. I am leaning towards email. If you have any questions for her, please leave them in the comments.

~I got an email today asking if I would like to interview Reagan J. Pasternak, actress and author. In case the name is not familiar to you, she was in HBO’s “Sharp Objects”, Syfy and Netflix “Wynonna Earp”, HBO’s “Being Erica”, and BET’s “Ms. Pat”. She is also author of the just released “Griffin’s Heart”. It’s part memoir, part guide for grieving a pet.

I don’t know what to do! I don’t remember actually doing any phone interviews. I’ve submitted interview questions via email before. Doing a phone interview would be a total fan freak out on my part. (I’m fanning myself right now.)

It would be so awesome to get back to doing book reviews here.

I’ll let y’all know what I hear back on this.

Ok, Wednesday, Thursday. I had my deposition preparation Wednesday and discovered they are missing records. They also didn’t send me documents to review (not my first rodeo). So the deposition on Thursday was canceled and to be rescheduled after the records are requested and received.

It was nice to have the break today. I did not sleep much with everything I was anticipating today. My wife and both kids accompanied me to Sam’s Club. I think I’d gone once in the early days of the pandemic. My kids may be 20 somethings, but it was like trying to wrangle toddlers. They were all over the place! Props to the customer who held the family restroom door open (ladies-closed for cleaning). I wore cargo shorts today so my HUGE knee brace was clearly visible. Tomorrow and Saturday PT. 

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